Welcome to Shakespeare’s Heartbeat!

My name is Joseph Scott! I made this site is to share knowledge about Mental Health and Adrafinil.


I am very interested in how to keep the mind healthy and active. I am a high school teacher, with a passion for Shakespeare. I understand the importance of being alert and focused.

If you have an questions, comments, or compliments, feel free to contact me!


Getting Started

One of the most common questions that new users to my blog ask is where they should start! If you have spent any amount of time reading about nootropics and other focus supplements online, I’m sure you have noticed that is can be extremely overwhelming trying to figure out who is telling the truth and who is BSing you. To help you out, I’ve amide a little quick start guide to help you get the most of your Adrafinil dosage:

1.) No supplement is a magic bullet– As much as we all wish this wasn’t true, no supplement is going to do the work for you. Adrafinil is one of my personal favorites, but it still does not work on its own. Adrafinil gives me the energy and focus that I need to get my day-today tasks done, but it is up to me to make sure that I put in the work necessary to get the most out of it.

2.) Get enough sleep– There is no way around it. You NEED to be getting enough sleep to be successful at school or work! One of the best effects that Adrafinil users note in reviews is that the supplement helps them to stay awake and focus during difficult situations. While I have found this to be true, their is no substitute for getting enough sleep.

4.) Practice good study habits– I have heard from one readers who think that they can just buy Adrafinil online a few days before their big college test and expect to do well. Dream on! You need to establish effective study habits well in advance of test day. Planning far in advance will give you the added benefit of being able to adjust your Adrafinil dosage up or down in order to figure out what works best for you.